Top Kitchen Trends You Are Going to Love in 2021

May 10, 2021

It’s 2021, and some of us spent the last year cooped up in tight living quarters, perhaps working in an outdated kitchen that may have doubled as an office and school classroom. Nowadays, we all realize the importance of having enough space to spread out. With all the cooking and dining at home, a new kitchen feels more like a necessity than a luxury. But where would you start designing one? Here are some of the top 2021 kitchen trends to inspire creativity.

Designs With Personality

A common request from new homeowners is to create a kitchen that has more character than just a single color or style. These designs mix various colors and cabinetry with custom backsplashes for a more personalized space. At the same time, it’s important not to put so many different styles together that it starts to clash or get too busy.

For example, timeless architectural details and neutral wall and countertop colors can help you achieve a warm feeling without a sensory overload in your custom kitchen. Combined with sleek backsplashes or vibrant cabinetry, you can create a modern yet classic aesthetic to an otherwise neutral space.

Kitchens That Offer A Breath Of Fresh Air

The latest kitchen trends prove that we are yearning for spaces that feel open, airy and fresh. We’re starting to see lighter woods trending for kitchen cabinets, and when you mix light wood with other neutrals like white cabinets, you get a warmer feeling without losing the open and airy ambiance that we all crave. Designs from our Kenbridge and Berkley floor plans are great examples of spacious, yet cozy kitchen variants.

Keep It Functional

Kitchens have long been the heart of the home, a gathering place for loved ones to connect and enjoy delicious meals, but the past year took that to a whole new level. Suddenly, we were not only cooking at home for the majority of our meals, but we also needed space for work laptops, Zoom classes, and meetings as well as homework stations. To keep it all running efficiently, custom kitchen trends are favoring functional “zones” for various activities.

Consider incorporating large islands to have enough room for homework and food preparation and separate countertop nooks for snacks or baking. That way, there’s plenty of space for more than one chef.

It’s Time to Refresh Your Tile Selection

If you’re starting the process of building a custom home, you likely already have a great desire for a sense of uniqueness. In 2020, you probably noticed that many kitchen trends had something in common: They all seemed to feature the white rectangle backsplash and accent walls made of subway tiles. However, if you’d rather be on the leading edge of kitchen design than the waning side, consider square Zellige tiles in colorful accents, patterned or textured backsplashes, or one-piece marble backsplashes.

Storage, Storage and More Storage

The beauty of a custom kitchen is that you can get more of what you need, and for many of us, that is more storage space. Some of the popular designs available today offer extra pantry space with built-in shelving. Many of our floor plans, such as the Wellington, include a butler’s pantry, plus two other sizable pantry spaces so you never have to worry about a cluttered kitchen space. Having all the storage space you need to tuck away items like designer dishes, food overstock and fun kitchen gadgets have become a must-have feature in new homes.  

Come Home To The Kitchen Of Your Dreams

Did any of these trends catch your eye? Contact the Mitchell & Best Next Door team today about crafting your custom home, and of course, complete with your personalized kitchen with your favorite trends!


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