Predicted 2022 Home Design Trends to Inspire You

November 23, 2021

Each new year brings new trends to the world of home design. The past year has been about spending more time at home and creating a cozy and functional nest, a trend that will surely continue in 2022. 

Let’s dive into more home design trends you can expect to see in the upcoming new year and possibly look to include in your custom home plans.

Multifunctional Spaces

With the rise of normalcy surrounding a remote work life, home offices have become a hot commodity. However, homeowners also find great value in flexibility. They want spaces with different purposes as their needs change. 

Multifunctional spaces are shaping 2022 home design trends with colors that promote calmness and focus. Multifunctional furnishings and practical storage options are also becoming increasingly popular within residential interior design. 

We’re seeing more home designs incorporate these flexible spaces, for instance, with the Foxridge home plan, which includes a library and a morning room that homeowners can easily convert into a yoga studio as well as work or study spaces.

While open floor plans have been the norm for decades, homeowners are now showing a preference for floor plans featuring dedicated living spaces that are both private and functional. We noticed this trend gaining traction last year, and believe it will continue to be a desirable layout for next year’s home buyers. 

New Sources of Inspiration

After spending the better part of a year indoors, it’s no surprise that homeowners are eager to find ways of inviting nature into their homes. Potted plants, wooden accents and natural light will remain design staples throughout the upcoming new year.

The demand for high-quality antiques is here as we’re seeing a major resurgence of 70s decor trends. Materials and textures like rattan, macrame and fringe are coming back, as are hanging chairs, brass accents and earthy tones. We can also plan to see trends from the modern era like furniture with rounded edges being borrowed by today’s homeowners.

Peace and Tranquility

The interior design of your home is more than just a design, it reflects how you wish to live and feel while within the space. The goal for 2022 home design trends? Embrace peace and quiet. With clean lines and floating surfaces, you can effortlessly create an uncluttered look further emanting the relaxing sanctuary you desire. 

We’ll surely see an increase in potential owners looking to include luxurious amenities in their home, more so than traveling to experience them elsewhere. A great example of this is this spa-like owner’s bath where as a homeowner, you’ll find plenty of opportunity to create a tranquil space. Our Berkley home plan offers a great retreat in the form of the owner’s suite bath.

Colors can affect our mood greatly, which is why we see fluctuating color trends almost every new year. In 2022 we can anticipate colors like mint, teal and terracotta to be seen around the home. For example, the ceiling, door and window trims are a unique way to take advantage of space to create contrast and emphasize color patterns with lighter hues as well.

Playing with Materials

Materials and textures appeal to the senses and can create a relaxing atmosphere. Plush textures like velvet allow homeowners to work with a darker color palette while evoking sophistication and comfort.

We’re also seeing an interest in organic and sustainable materials, like wool, cotton, linen, hemp and reclaimed materials.

For a modern effect, these soft textures are often used in juxtaposition with glass. Incorporating glass in a room echoes the idea of creating clean and streamlined interiors that let nature in thanks to the reflective properties of glass.

Incorporate These 2022 Home Design Trends Into Your Mitchell & Best Next Door Custom Home

These trends are all about creating interiors that feel cozy and welcoming while still reflecting each family’s lifestyle. At Mitchell & Best Next Door, we believe that a home should adapt to the way you live, not the other way around, which is why we offer custom floor plans that highlight these new home design trends or offer space to easily incorporate what you like. 

Are you interested in new construction tailored to your needs? Contact us to learn more and let’s get started on your vision.


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