Four Mudroom Benefits That Add Value to Your Home (Especially in the Winter)

October 19, 2022

Many people are discovering the value of a mudroom, and prospective homeowners now look for this feature in their search.

Mudrooms are locations at the front or garage entrance that serve as a transitional spot from outdoors to indoors. It’s a high-traffic place and serves as a drop-off or pick-up station for family members to put away their outdoor gear or grab them as they head outside.

These areas hold high value, especially in the winter when the weather is inclement. They catch all the messes that can travel throughout the home and damage the flooring, such as wet coats, jackets, and umbrellas, even muddy boots and paws if you have pets.

Below, we’ll share four mudroom benefits to take advantage of this winter. Make every part of your home purposeful, especially in the cold and busy months.


Top Four Mudroom Benefits to Consider for Your Custom Home This Winter


Ideal for Off-Season Storage

Mudrooms primarily store items that support outdoor activities, such as pet leashes, winter boots, or hockey equipment. These rooms range in size, style, and type of storage. Some mudrooms include cabinets and lockers, while some have boxes and shelves. The benefit is you can store items, like boots, hats, and gloves, in a mudroom with the ideal storage space, such as in a bottom shelf or drawer during the summer months.


Creates A Central Place for Everyday Items

One reason people love mudrooms is they keep things organized. Instead of having backpacks, shoes, and jackets scattered all over the house, they’re in one central location, ideally toward the exits where they’re needed most. As a result, stress is reduced, especially during busy times, such as the mornings when getting ready for work or school.


Serves As A Recharging Station

Especially coming from a snowstorm, a mudroom can serve as an area to unwind and a place to shed a layer of the outdoor stress. If you situate this area by the garage, consider installing a sink bowl or stackable washer and dryer. You can wipe down muddy boots and throw dirty clothes in the wash. These features are valuable if you have pets since cleaning dirty paws will ensure they don’t track them all over the house.


Designed for Customized Built-In Storage

No two mudrooms look the same. Mudrooms are all about customization and personalizing storage to distinguish one family member’s items from another’s. Depending on your lifestyle, you may want a cabinet with hooks for hanging outerwear or a shelf with cubbies to contain small items. For very active lifestyles, you may choose a garage entrance with a laundry center to drop off dirty clothes from winter sports activities.



Where To Start In Designing The Right Mudroom For Your

There’s no end to how you can design and use a mudroom. The main features that make mudrooms popular are their focus on organization and function. Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, this room can look vastly different from the next.

If you’re interested in this feature, the next step is to consider your home. The house generally influences the design of a mudroom. At Mitchell & Best Next Door, we deliver quality custom homes that combine modern and timeless features homebuyers are looking for today.

In business for over 45 years, we have a long history of satisfied customers who’ve made our homes their permanent destination.

Contact us today to discover the right home for your next mudroom, and check out our gallery to view the best we offer.


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