Building Smarter Custom Homes with Vintage Integrated Systems

November 30, 2021

For Mitchell & Best Next Door, it’s always been about more than just selling homes – it’s delivering custom luxury that betters the overall lifestyle of our homeowners. Consistent with the ideals of Vintage Integrated Systems, the Builder Division at Vintage Security and our 2020 Trade Partner of the Year, we curated a thoughtful Home Automation Package to be included in every new custom home we build.

With Mitchell & Best Next Door, the backbone of your smart home is ready to go before the final walkthrough, so you can rest assured that every detail is accounted for and the smart features you never knew existed in a home are just waiting for your personal touch. 

What is Home Automation?

Home automation (or smart home) is hardly a new concept within the home building industry, particularly in luxury home building. This system allows you, the homeowner, to effortlessly control various parts of your home from one device or many by using smart home technologies. Today, smart home automation includes energy-saving capabilities, security features, and other settings for daily conveniences. 

What makes this package between Mitchell & Best Next Door and Vintage Integrated Systems so great?

With years of experience in the industry, we feel confident in our ability to understand our customer needs and the life-enhancing details they look for in a new home. Smart home automation is only becoming a bigger and better concept, which is why your new custom home by Mitchell & Best Next Door includes “smart home” as a standard feature. 

Together with Vintage Integrated Systems, we’ve created a turnkey home automation system that provides a robust package, easily accessible in one secure app. Here’s what makes it so appealing:


We take care of the installation during construction, which means one less thing for you to worry about when preparing to move. Once you’re settled, Vintage Security’s esteemed White Glove service will come install the 7” IQ Pro Command Center, connect everything to the encrypted smart app, and show you how to use it. 

Integrated Flexibility

You can purchase more platform compatible smart equipment or devices directly online or at in-person retailers. If needed, Vintage Integrated Systems offers included over the phone device integration support with onsite technician-based support available as well. Examples of platform compatible smart equipment devices include:

    • Thermostat (Included with this package by Mitchell & Best Next Door)
    • Overhead Garage Door (Included with this package by Mitchell & Best Next Door)
    • Z-Wave Enabled Smart Door Locks
    • Lighting
    • Water Management
    • Windows
    • Irrigation
    • Hands Free Voice Control Supported by Siri, Alexa and Okay Google
    • SONOS Audio
    • Solar

Encrypted Cellular Connection

Most systems fail to encrypt everything that comes through the app or command center, which is like leaving your front door open to intruders and expecting nobody to walk in. Vintage Integrated Systems is powered by, an AES encrypted platform that applies both 256-bit and 128-bit encryption, one of the most secure methods used in modern technologies, keeping you, your home and everything that’s important to you safe and secure. Your first year of this protected automation service is included in your home purchase, courtesy of Mitchell & Best Next Door.

Energy-Saving Capabilities

When we think of energy-saving features in a smart home, controlling the lights usually comes to mind. Of course this system includes the ability for that, but there are many other ways you can manage the energy usage in your custom home – seamlessly from the device in your hand, anytime and anywhere.

    • Set your thermostat to automatically adjust to a certain temperature depending on the weather outside or even based on when you’ll be home, that way you save money by turning it up or down while still enjoying the comfortable temperature you prefer as you walk in.
    • Within the first 2-3 months, the system will monitor your thermostat patterns and offer suggestions and slight adjustments with a detailed calculation of how much you will save throughout the year by doing so.
    • Easily connect smart home blinds to your system and put them up or down depending on the natural light you wish to let in. 

Home Security

As homeowners, we invest in home security to feel safe in the one place that should always bring comfort. Home automation offers more than a camera by the door, this package allows you to customize settings to fit your needs, giving you protection, convenience and peace of mind.

    • Vintage Security cameras have smart analytics that decipher the differences between a person and an object. With this innovative technology, homeowners can create a safe perimeter within the system, notifying you if a person steps into that boundary.
    • Regardless of where you might be, you can have lights come on from the porch or inside, possibly deterring an intruder or simply offering some light for the guest you’re expecting.

Do I Need Home Automation in My Life?

Whether it’s checking the camera to make sure the dog walker comes twice a week while you’re on vacation, shutting the garage door you forgot about without having to turn around, or locking up the house each night without leaving your bed, the beauty of this package is that anyone can benefit from the luxuries of home automation. 

Connected, Protected, Private

If you’re looking for a custom home that includes the latest features and amenities, look no further than Mitchell & Best Next Door. In addition to providing all the luxury details you want, your custom home includes smart technology that improves every aspect of your life. 

Contact us today to learn more about our Home Automation Package with Vintage Integrated Systems, the Builder Division at Vintage Security, and let’s start building your vision together.


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