5 Home Design Trends for 2021

May 10, 2021

As we all settle into this new decade, it’s time to say goodbye to some home trends we’ve grown accustomed to. The popular modern farmhouse style is becoming more sophisticated as it transitions to a cottagecore, and we’re seeing homeowners embrace detailed patterns and more exotic elements, lending depth and interest to the traditional white kitchen

From well-loved decor elements resurfacing to eclectic designs and multi-functional spaces, the sudden increase of time spent at home this past year has left us with some new home design trends to consider in 2021. 

An Updated Tradition

Grandmillennial is a new take on all the stylish trends you remember from your parents’ and grandparents’ house. From the colors to the prints to the added decor, what’s old is definitely new. 

New products like peel and stick wallpaper make it easy to introduce an array of colors and patterns within your new home. Think heavy florals, skirted tables, beautiful ceramics and china pieces – These elements are replacing modern minimalistic decor. 

This popular granny-chic style is all about uniqueness and finding ways to express yourself, but also finding the right balance between consistent and chaotic. Consider mixing in a few modern elements for a look that’s more nostalgic than outdated.

Cottagecore 2.0

The farmhouse trend quickly became a desired option for many homebuyers during the 2010s, and while it still has a charming appeal, it’s time to rethink the rustic style in 2021. We continue to see the defining elements like wood tones and vintage pieces, but shiplap and distressed items are disappearing. 

Instead, homeowners are embracing a new version of cottagecore that is a bit more sophisticated by way of metal accents, floral themes and soft tones. This new take on cottagecore is centered around creating a mix of old and new pieces with a touch of modern luxury, always full of character.

Embracing The Staycation Trend

We’re all well aware of the circumstances this past year that have limited our travel beyond a trip to the kitchen. People are beginning to transform their indoor spaces to feel more like an exotic retreat. We’re seeing more floral and tropical prints, rich blue, orange and gold hues, as well as plenty of potted plants (bonus points if you’re using hanging planters).

However, you don’t have to adopt this exact style to invite nature into your home. Thoughtful layouts with judiciously placed windows can illuminate your home with natural sunlight and outdoor vibes. Another way to bring in the great outdoors is by focusing on an easy indoor-outdoor flow and sprucing up your deck to feel like a true (at-home) oasis. 

Spaces That Keep Getting Better

One of the new trends we find to be very popular this year is creating a collected-over-time feel by mixing textures, styles, and colors. An intriguing aspect of this trend is how it emphasizes customization, allowing you to build on a space with practical features and create multiple work zones. 

You can mix wooden elements and metal details, then add a pop of color with some vintage tiles for a really unique style. The kitchen is sometimes known as the heart of your home, and would be an ideal room to consider for this trend. You might consider designated areas that allow for multiple people to utilize the space at the same time.

This overall look is easier to recreate if you combine light wood with cream, gray and other neutrals, but of course no rules are set in stone!

Rooms With A Purpose

If there’s one thing we learned from 2020, it’s that working from home is easier when you have a dedicated home office. We’re seeing open floor plans with plenty of space for social interactions, but many homeowners want to have several smaller rooms that can be used for other purposes. 

There’s no better time to make your home more functional with dedicated spaces for a home office, remote learning, home gym, or maybe a craft room. Additionally, these spaces are often multifunctional and remain neutral so they can easily be repurposed when needed.

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