10 Popular Bonus Room Ideas for Custom Homes

February 4, 2022

Have you been wondering how to make use of that extra space in your home? Consider transforming it with one of these popular bonus room ideas. A bonus room can be anything your heart desires or lifestyle requires and with Mitchell & Best Next Door as your custom home builder, the possibilities are endless.

Below, we’ll share ten thoughtful bonus room ideas to incorporate into your custom home plans. Take advantage of this versatile space and transform your home into a sanctuary you’ll never want to leave.

Ten Fabulous Bonus Room Ideas For Your Custom Home

1. The Home Office

The dedicated office space is essential if you work from home, have a second job or maybe a side hustle you do online. Expand the area and enhance your organization by adding shelving units and bookshelves. Consider movable or convertible furniture, such as a storage ottoman, to create a multipurpose room.

2. The Home Theater

Home theaters are especially appealing post pandemic. Consider establishing a bonus room where you can recreate the movie theater experience. Invest in a large screen to show your favorite movies or TV programs. Adorn the walls with favorite movie posters, and furnish recliner armchairs so you and your guests can enjoy individualized comfort.

3. The Library

If you’re a book connoisseur or simply enjoy quiet spaces for study and relaxation, transforming your bonus room into a library is a great idea. Include built-in bookshelves for additional storage space and to properly exhibit your literary treasures. You’ll want a comfy chair for reading; a desk and office chair can make your library multifunctional.

4. The Children’s Playroom

Do you find toys all over your home? Create a playroom to keep all the toys in one location, and give your children their own space for play. Incorporate shelving units, baskets, and storage bins to keep this room organized. As the children grow, convert this room into a hangout where they can socialize.

5. The Game Room

Whether you love video and computer games or the pool table and darts, establish the ultimate entertainment center with comfortable lounge furniture, vivid lighting, and your essential equipment for endless fun with family and friends.

6. The Gym

Have fitness goals but can’t always make it to the local gym? Integrating a gym into your home can be a valuable use of space, allowing you to work out anytime in the comfort of your own space. Include your favorite training equipment, mats, mirrors, even a sound system to enjoy music as you exercise.

7. The Craft Room

Do you love to make new crafts or art? Have a long list of creative projects? Then make yourself a craft room and get your DIY on! Utilize shelving units with baskets and storage bins to keep your tools and supplies organized and handy. Add an industrial table for a great work surface.

8. The Collection Room

If you collect anything, from designer dolls to vintage guitars, turn your bonus room into a collection room. Design your own unique museum to display your favorite collectibles and relax surrounded by the things you love.

9. The Bar

If you frequently host gatherings and celebrations, create a bar outfitted with a wall TV, bar stools, and adjustable lighting for a classic sports bar ambiance. Dedicate this space in your home especially to entertainment.

10. The Guest Room

If you are still wondering how best to utilize your bonus room, consider the classic guest room. Whether for short- or long-term guests, create an oasis where they can feel at home, in your home. Add a vanity, drawers, and comfortable furniture for them to settle in and relax.

How to Design A Bonus Room You’ll Love For Years

With a custom home builder like Mitchell & Best Next Door, you can not only design a fully functional home, but also incorporate bonus rooms that adapt to your lifestyle and interests. 

We have floor plans that support any type of bonus room. For example, if you’re looking for attic spaces where you can create a sanctuary or study, check out our Hawthorne, Westport II and Eagle’s Nest plans.

Take a look at our full list of custom floor plans for more bonus room ideas, and contact us today to make your entire home a place where you and your family can thrive.


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